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Avalon Legal Launches Managed eDiscovery Services

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Legal teams are often frustrated with the investments and expenses associated with their eDiscovery needs, whether their support is internal or outsourced. The continued investments in the latest technology, training of staff, and expensive infrastructure are at odds with the desire for dedicated services at a predictable cost.To help combat these challenges for our clients, Avalon Legal has established a managed eDiscovery services program. Our comprehensive eDiscovery services are now offered in a subscription-based package, which eliminates the unpredictable cost aspect of electronic discovery. In addition, we are dedicated to implementing the newest, most innovative eDiscovery solutions, so you’ll always have state-of-the-art technology at your fingertips.

Since each firm has a unique set of needs, capabilities, and expertise, the Avalon legal team will work with you to build an offering based on your current and future requirements. Perhaps that means we provide you with access to robust processing tools to enhance your internally managed document review platforms. Or maybe you rely on us for both processing and hosting solutions. Whatever option you choose, Avalon’s managed eDiscovery services program delivers exactly what your firm requires to handle the most complex electronic discovery challenges for your clients.

Our Managed eDiscovery Services:

  • Litigation Support – If your firm already has its own infrastructure, our litigation support professionals, who have experience with multiple platforms, can serve as an extension of your team
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – We provide the software and infrastructure support, while your staff handles the work
  • All-Inclusive – Avalon offers full case management from start to finish, handling all aspects of eDiscovery: ingestion, processing, hosting, and production; your staff only has to review document
  • Hybrid – Take advantage of Avalon’s expertise and experience when needed, but manage your costs by handling some of the work in-house; blocks of hours may be purchased
  • Master Services Agreement – By agreeing to use Avalon exclusively for specific services, your firm receives predictable pricing and experienced support

Benefits of Managed eDiscovery Services:

  • Cost predictability
  • Scalability of case teams, as required
  • Process standardization
  • No technology obsolescence
  • No technology investment
  • Cost recovery
  • Limited investment in project managers and/or technology managers

If you’d like to learn more about our managed eDiscovery services, please contact one of our experts today.

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