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Written By: JP Midgley, CEO of Avalon Document Services

Knowing a countless number of attorneys – and sharing a home with one – I know that you all are very, very good at making connections.  Whether it’s your law school roommate’s sister’s best friend who now lives in Brockport, or the dental hygienist with whom you diligently spend an hour with twice a year, you know people.  These people don’t hesitate to come to you when they accidentally roll through a stop sign, and, in turn, you don’t mind reaching out to them when they can help you in return.

So, why should this change when it comes to utilizing your legal support vendor when they can help with a case?  It shouldn’t. That’s one of the great things about working with us – we have abilities, knowledge, and experience in areas of the legal field that you just may not have conquered yet.  So, if you are facing a big eDiscovery case for which you are seeking some sample demands, or you want to know whether accident reconstruction can really help your case, call us.  Or email us.  Or stop by (really, though, our offices are pretty fun… and, you know, we have that whole “fresh baked cookie” thing going on).  Let’s see how we can help you.  I’m willing to bet we can help your case in ways you never really dreamed.

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