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Productivity and the Cookie

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Optimizing productivity is something every business strives to do. Ever find yourself checking one thing off your list, only to add two more things? How many of those things on that list are things you really want to do? How many of those things are you really good at doing?

As an entrepreneur, optimizing productivity is a subject I love to talk/read about. I've spent loads of hours on the subject and what I've found is that to get the most done, and done well, I need to follow these simple rules....


  1. STOP MULTI-TASKING! Believe it or not, studies show that multi-tasking actually hinders productivity and, more importantly, drastically reduces the quality of your work. It is much better to focus on one task at a time, you'll actually get more done, and everything you do will be done better.
  2. DELEGATE! Review your list and delegate everything that can be done by someone else so you can focus on the things that you enjoy or that absolutely need to be done by you. This can mean assigning tasks to employees, other team members, or outsourcing them to another company. Chances are, whatever you need done, there is a company out there that specializes in that very service.
  3. TAKE BREAKS and reward yourself for completing tasks. Trying to plow through a to-do list a mile long with no breaks not only sounds excessively miserable, it's counterproductive! You'll inevitably lose focus and find it harder and harder to complete your tasks efficiently. Reward yourself with a delicious cookie, take a "Facebook break," or enjoy a short walk.It's amazing to think that one, little, innocent, delectable cookie could be the ticket to being a more productive and happy person, but it's true! Give it a try!

What makes you the most productive? Share your productivity tips in the comment section below then and take that Facebook break and vote for your favorite cookie!

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