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Save Big Money on Discovery with Avalon’s Managed Review Services

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The human, “eyes on documents,” part of discovery is by far the costliest. But you can save your attorneys time – and your clients money – by using Avalon’s contract attorneys, from project planning to completion. Since our reviewers’ billing rate is a fraction of the cost of a typical in-house case team, your firm can save thousands – or even hundreds of thousands – of dollars per project.

Our proactive experts improve efficiency and effectiveness by utilizing best-in-breed technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), in conjunction with the review process. Using AI allows our team to detect patterns and trends in large volumes of data and identify relevant documents faster, reducing the overall time and cost associated with review.

Avalon’s people, processes, and technology make the difference: 

  • Our managing attorneys and contract reviewers are assigned to your case based on the specific qualifications you require. Rest assured that all managed review team members have passed our rigorous vetting process and have years of experience in document review, as well as with a variety of technologies. 
  • Security is paramount to everything we do at Avalon and that is no different for our managed review services. We have several protocols in place to ensure your confidential data is handled with the utmost respect for your – and your clients’ –privacy, as well as an entire cybersecurity team on staff. 
  • At Avalon, the details matter. Our quality control processes and procedures ensure our contract attorneys are accurately classifying documents according to protocol and run QC checks throughout the process. Your team will also utilize industry-proven techniques and tools to streamline data for review, including email threading, clustering, deduping, and more

So, no matter how complex your project is or how often your case needs change, our hyper-responsive team will create scalable solutions that meet your firm’s review needs, provide unwavering support throughout the engagement, and deliver significant cost savings to help your firm prosper.

Want to see just how much you can save? Reach out to us today to see estimated cost savings for your next project.

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