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What is eDiscovery? A Beginner's Guide

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If you are new to eDiscovery, we have you covered. eDiscovery is short for electronic discovery. This refers to the process in which electronic data is sought, located, secured, and searched with the intent of using it as evidence in a civil or criminal legal case.

As you can probably imagine, the vast majority of documents needed in litigation today exist in electronic format. In fact, there’s an estimated 40% of these documents that are never even printed, and you better believe that the number is on the rise.

The Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) workflow chart below is a great illustration of how the eDiscovery process works.

eDiscovery Process - Avalon

A downloadable print version can be found at EDRM.

How Can Avalon Help?

Using a variety of processes and the latest technology in the industry, Avalon’s certified eDiscovery specialists transform electronically stored information (ESI) into a format that is easily searched, organized, and produced.

In fact, Avalon offers a wide variety of data collection services. If you need staffed digital forensicsdata collectionsocial media collection, or even remote data collection from anywhere in the world, Avalon can help. Once all the data is collected, Avalon can provide early case assessment prior to filtering through your data to give you a clearer, quicker look at your data.

Learn more about Avalon’s eDiscovery services here or download this white paper.

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